Create Your Own 

cover Scents + Attractants

Create Your Own cover Scents + Attractants

Create Your Own cover Scents + Attractants

Blend and Spray cover scents and attractants using the plant materials and food sources found at your hunting location. Stop buying artificial scents and start creating your own with Scent Blender.

Gather, Blend, Spray In Minutes

Scent Blender Kit = $79.00

~ 5 Days from order to delivery

2022 Season Success

Real Scents

Real Success

REAl Customer Reviews

5 Stars: Real Customer Reviews

“Bought one last season. Love it! excellent product. One of the best hunting products to come out in a long time” - Gerald

"It works great, I love mine, second season with it." Steven

"I did some Gala apples blended up with water and soaked the trees around me with a full bottle, drew this velvet buck into 20." Austin

"Great product and Excellent customer service" - Ed

"We bought two of them in the last year, work unbelievable..." - Chris 

“I’ve used cedar and water for years but it’s not even comparable when it comes to how strong this scent is after blending” - Tyler

"I love it, used mine on a bear hunt" Chris

"Just bought two for myself and my son-in-law. Works good, well built, and I would recommend for any hunter." - Mike

"Perfect gift for my Dad, spoke with customer service and they were awesome, Best customer service I ever had" - Jared

"Works great.  I used mine all season, it's the best cover scent you can get." - Scott

"It works amazing. I was skeptical at first but it works . Great Product. And I wasn't paid to advertise. Lol. But in all seriousness it works."- Scott

"I love it. I've had mine for a couple weeks now and its really changed the scent game for me" - John

"It is one of the best ideas/products on the market!! 51 years old, hunting since I could walk and I am impressed with the whole thing.....from the idea to the actual product!" - Dave

“I got one last year…beats the hell out of buying commercial cover scents and you can make it on the spot” - Travis

"I put cedar in it and it works better than other cover sprays I used to use.  I'm fixin to buy a couple more for Christmas presents" - Deny

''If you hunt, they are worth it. I promise."  - Nate

"Got mine. Love it. I don't have to buy any scent attractants anymore" - Kevin

"I got mine and used pine needles, it works great, I would recommend this to everyone" - Charlie





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1. GATHER plant material from your hunting location. No soil/minerals.

2. COMBINE plant material with water in your Scent Blender bottle.

3. BLEND ingredients to extract the natural aromas. 

4. SPRAY your custom blend on your surroundings or gear. 

Scent Blender Blends Better

Scent Blender

Blends Better

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Scent Blender

Sprays Smooth

Scent Blender Sprays Smooth

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UNLimited Scents 

Unlimited Refills

Natural Cover Scents

 Cedar, Sage, Pine, Spicebush, Walnut, Birch...

Real Food Attractants

Acorn, Corn, Clover, Brassica, Bean, Chestnut...

Save Money Every Season 

When you make your own scents..

Refills are Free

Invent Your Scent

Invent Your Scent

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"By far the most innovative product at this year's Great American Outdoor show." Brian B

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