Collection: Scent Blender for Fishing | Natural Lure Attractants with Chum Bucket

Discover our Fishing Collection with the Chum Bucket attachment for the Scent Blender. Blend all-natural ingredients to create effective lure attractants, making your fishing lures irresistible. Ideal for anglers looking to enhance their fishing experience.


    your choice of ingredients like minnows and salt along with the water source you are fishing into the Scent Blender.


    the ingredients to extract the natural aromas. 

  • DIP

    your lure of choice and catch more fish!


Artificial lures attract fish by triggering a sight and sound reaction.  Fish determine if what they saw is food by using their sense of smell.  If you want to increase the rate your lure gets eaten, trigger their sense of smell.  

Marinate your bait and catch more fish!


Can fish smell?

Fish depend on their powerful sense of smell to survive in aquatic environments. Many floating objects may look like a meal but are not. They rely on their nose to determine if visually attractive objects are food or not. If you want to increase the rate your lure gets eaten, trigger their sense of smell.

What do I blend?

We make the tool, you create the recipes. Some popular scent blends are: garlic, cut fish, crawfish, squid, chicken liver, shiner, shad, shrimp, and leech. 

Does the scent wash off the lure?

In order for a scent to be detected by a fish it needs to disperse in the water.  Chum Bucket makes it quick to re-apply with a quick dip and flip so your lure is always leaving an enticing scent trail.

What’s the difference between Scent Blender and a normal personal blender?

During prototyping we realized retail blenders were not strong enough to blend many materials, instead they just spin them. We built Scent Blender with a large commercial motor powerful enough to blend through tough materials. We fuel that larger motor with 2 rechargeable lithium ion batteries. 

How do you clean it?

Our system is very easy to clean. Simply rinse the components with water when done. You can also hand wash the material with soap at home or throw the parts in the dishwasher.

Do you have customer service?

We are a family business that prides ourselves on providing great customer service. If anyone has questions, call, text or email any time and we are happy to help.

How do I turn it on?

We have safety features in place so the blender won’t start in an unsafe manner.  The blender bottle needs to be fully threaded onto the blender base or it will not start.  The blender will not start while charging.  A quick double click of the power button starts the blender, a slow double click or a single click will not start the blender.